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Hotfix for JavaScript Engine Issue.


Issue: With the update to Acrobat or Reader DC, any scripting that is present in a script object that follows a function definition called validate (), isContainer, exceptionHandler, etc will fail to be recognized as valid script.

For example if we have script like the following in a script object:

function helloworld1 () {"Hello World 1");

function validate() {"Validate()");

function helloworld2 () {"Hello World 2");

Calling “helloworld1()” will work, but calling “helloworld2()” will fail in DC and will produce the following error:

TypeError: oTest.helloworld2 is not a function

In pre-DC clients, it will function.
The bug is clearly demonstrated in the 2 attached PDF files. Use these files and perform the steps below to reproduce the errant behavior.

1.       In Acrobat or Reader DC opens ShowBug_fails.pdf from the link below.
2.       Click button 1.
3.       The dialog is displayed “Hello World 1”.
4.       Click button 2.
5.       No dialog is displayed because a script error is generated.
6.       If using Acrobat CTRL-J to display Script Debugger window and note the error (text is listed above).
7.       Repeat steps 1-6 in Reader/Acrobat 11 or earlier and “Hello World 2” will display.

Sample File:

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